Ascorbic acid - Best for Skin


Though many of you might never have come across an apparently technical term ‘ascorbic acid’, it is pretty common. Several products are marketed everyday claiming to be rich in Vitamin C; a substance that works wonders for your skin. Guess what? The ‘ascorbic acid’ that just left you confused and the well-known vitamin C are two names for the same entity! Vitamin C is an extremely nutritious component of food with major effects on an extra-cellular protein; collagen. Collagen strengthens the skin and keeps it elastic. With advancing age, resilience of this fibrous structure is lost and with it disappears any former glow on your face. To save you the trouble of looking aged and worn out, regularly apply preparations teeming with Ascorbic acid.

In addition to topical jellies, oral formulations are also available. These are small tablets that have to be taken on daily basis to provide the body with regular dose of the vitamin. Vitamin C is a water-soluble agent and therefore is lost in urine, making it essential to ingest a pill every day. If, however, your diet contains adequate citrus fruits and onions, that should do enough good. Early signs of ascorbic acid deficiency include bleeding gums and poor wound healing. Luckily, these hazards can be easily eradicated. Decreased blood pressure, healthy weight loss and low inflammatory threshold (in addition to wrinkle-free skin) are all the many reasons to stay hooked on the nutrient.