Role of Professional Women…!!


There was a time, when being a different gender; women were deprived of educational, political, and legal rights. This is not like prehistoric period, I am talking about. I am talking about last centuries. But things are changing for sure. According to a population survey conducted by Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012, women constitute 47.9 percent of the total workforce here in US. Albeit, this data is encouraging for many of us, however, it is taking forever to ensure equitable position for female professionals in their workplace even in developed countries like USA.

Women are joining the labor force in a huge volume; lucrative corporate industries are also not an exception. Currently two giant companies are holding two women in their CEO position. I am referring to Facebook and Yahoo. Moreover, among top fortune 100 companies, 8 companies currently have female CEO, 46 females among 1000 companies. Women success story does not end here. Not only in the corporate sectors, women are now evolving utilizing their talent, dedication, and motivation in every sector, e.g., education, politics, industry, you name it!

However, unfortunately these women are not that much appreciated by their male counterpart in their workplace. Despite the popular believe that women are much weaker workforce compared to man, woman have proved themselves to be more focused, more detail oriented, and more deadline driven individual. Whatever things a professional women do in her job, traditionally it is also her duty to manage housekeeping. Therefore, women are not only doing universally accepted conventional money making job, they are also investing their time and effort in non-cash flowing chores. Having such enormous volume of workforce in house and outside of home place, it is everyone’s duty to keep these professional women’s morale high. We need to act now! It is the high time to develop a holistic approach to address women issues in workplaces.